Progress Update

This project was intended to be completed this year (2021). However, due to the large workload and demand on contractors in West Michigan, Plainfield Township became aware that not many contractors had availability left this year and/or that the project cost could come in significantly higher than planned. As a result, the Township allowed contractors to bid on the project for construction in 2021 and/or 2022. On April 26, 2020, the Plainfield Charter Township Board of Trustees awarded the contract to the low bidder, Kamminga & Roodvoets (K&R) of Grand Rapids, MI. The low bid came in below construction cost estimates, but K&R has indicated that their plan is to complete the construction in 2022.

Please contact a project representative if you have questions or concerns.


What to Expect

  • Construction will commence on site in the Spring of 2022.
  • Updates will be posted here weekly once construction starts.