Construction is expected to begin the week of April 15, 2019. Eastbound traffic will be diverted at Lincoln Street to Sherman Boulevard to Barclay Street. Westbound traffic will be moved to the south side of the road during the first phase of construction. During this phase, the north half of the road will be removed and a new 30–inch diameter water main will be installed in the middle of the road. Once the water main is complete, storm drains will be installed and the north half of the roadway will be rebuilt with a concrete surface similar to what is on Laketon Avenue east of Lakeshore Drive today.

The first phase should be complete by the end of June 2019, and then the westbound traffic will be moved to the north side of the road on the new pavement. The south half will be rebuilt and 2–way traffic is expected to be open again near the end of July 2019. The sidewalks, new lighting, furniture and other site features will be built during the month of August and the entire project should be complete just after Labor Day 2019.

During construction, there will be no on street parking. Access to driveways and side streets will remain as much as possible, but will be limited when new pipe is built across the front of a driveway or through an intersection. We will do our best to communicate on a weekly basis with project updates and other important reminders.