This week, the Contractor worked on connecting individual homes and businesses to the new water main. A second connection to the existing water system at Broadway and Worden to the south was completed today. The site has been picked up and the area watered down for dust control. Access remains open to all driveways and side streets.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of August 13, 2018:

A few more water services remain on the north side of the road. These will be finished on Monday.
The remaining side street water mains will be tied to the new water main. This will involve shut downs for each of the side streets. Your water may be shut off of a few hours. Look for door tags or door hangers to know if your water is impacted or not. If it is, you may notice some air in your water lines. It is best to flush your water for about 30 seconds after the water has been shut off to get the air out of the lines. Flush all spigots and toilets a few times each. If the water coming out of the tap appears to be milky our cloudy, this is due to tiny air bubbles in the water. You’ll notice that if you set the water down in a glass on a counter and wait, it will clear up after about 5 minutes.
It is also a good idea to remove your aerator that is on your faucet. Rinse and remove any debris that may have shaken loose from internal plumbing that sometimes gets caught on these aerators.
The work on the water connections will likely take all week to complete. Once they are complete, work will resume on installing new storm sewer pipes and structures for the new roadway.
Once all the underground work is complete, the road will begin to take shape. We are looking at a couple more weeks of underground work before the new road will be cut in, but it will begin taking shape by Labor Day.
A progress meeting will be held with the Contractor next Monday, 8/13/2018. Any breaking news will be reported to everyone after the meeting.