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This week on Airway Street, the crews are now just a few steps away from completing the pathway. Light Loads LLC paved the first of two layers of asphalt on Wednesday. Al’s Excavating has been hard at work grading and raking on the topsoil restoration now that the base asphalt layer has been completed. The crews have also been working on pathway valve box grade adjustments with the Township’s water department and completing the final concrete curb items.

There is still one more layer of asphalt, as well as the concrete curb ramps, driveways, and seeding to take place yet. Most of this work should be completed in the next week or two. Concrete driveways will be one of the last items completed after the final layer of asphalt is finished. Al’s Excavating will coordinate that process with each homeowner as access will be limited once concrete is poured.

On Jericho Avenue, 28 specialties has finished the second retaining wall and crews from Al’s excavating have installed 16 feet of large diameter concrete culvert. Next week, they will finish the culvert work near Peter Creek and begin stripping topsoil along the path corridor.