Progress Update

Watermain installation continued this week. The watermain installation, which first started at Plaza Drive (the west end of the project), has now progressed to about mid-way between Downing Ave. and Sorter Ave. After five weeks of work on the project, a little over half of the watermain installation is complete.  This is a little slower than anticipated. This week was another challenging week with underground utilities which continue to limit the pace of construction.

The watermain from Plaza Drive to Leeds Ave has been isolated for testing and disinfection. This first section has passed the standard testing procedures and is now ready for connecting water service lines.


Up Next

Water service lines on the first section of the project, between Plaza Drive and Leeds, are scheduled for installation starting next week. Service lines that cross the road will be installed by horizontal directional drilling.

Watermain installation will continue to the east along the south side of Napier Ave until shorty beyond Sorter Ave. The watermain will cross Napier Ave approximately 300 feet past Sorter where the remaining distance to Pipestone will be on the north side of the road.