Week 11 of construction is wrapping up and the work on the Sherman Boulevard Improvements project continues to go well.  Please remember that Sherman Boulevard is closed to thru traffic.  Please use side streets to get to your home or business to reduce traffic on Sherman as much as possible for the safety of the construction workers.


Work completed this past week:

  • More pavement removal was completed where utility work has been completed
  • Gravel road base was placed and compacted as well as grading for new curb and sidewalk
  • Roughly 1,200 feet of concrete curb and gutter was poured as well as 450 square yards of concrete road base


Work anticipated the week of August 17:

  • No work is planned for tomorrow, August 15.
  • More pavement, sidewalk and ramp removals
  • Grading for concrete placement
  • Placing new curb and gutter, sidewalk and sidewalk ramps
  • Cutting out manholes from the roadway and lowering them for the pavement milling operations – This will create a lot more holes in the roadway, so please be careful when driving through Sherman Boulevard to your local destination


Work anticipated the week of August 24:

  • Continued restoration of the roadway, sidewalk, curb and gutter
  • Adjust manhole, drainage and valve structures to the final elevation
  • Ensuring the roadway is ready for milling which will probably take place in early September which should be the final steps before paving the roadway.