On July 13, the Plainfield Charter Township Board of Trustees awarded the Biddeford and Wallingford (Westgate Area) water main construction contract to Schippers Excavating, Inc. of West Olive, MI.

You might ask: Why is Plainfield Township coordinating the construction project when I live in Alpine Township? The answer is that Alpine Township does not have its own municipal water system; rather, Plainfield Township supplies municipal water to the eastern portion of Alpine Township.

Plainfield plans to complete this project to improve water system reliability in the neighborhood. The scope of the project will include replacement of water mains and service lines, complete road replacement and replacement of driveway approaches that are impacted by construction. In 2020, work will be completed in Biddeford Drive from 6 Mile Road to Westshire Drive, in Biddeford Court, and in Wallingford Drive from Biddeford Drive to Brookgate Drive.

The Contractor intends to commence construction next week. Construction will begin on the north end of Biddeford Drive at 6 Mile Road, and progress south down Biddeford Drive. You will start to see MISS DIG flags, which mark existing underground utilities, and construction stakes showing up in your front yard in the coming days. Please do not remove the flags or stakes because that will cause delays in the construction project.

For the duration of this construction project, we will provide regular updates that will inform you of what is happening presently and what you can expect to see coming up, including water main construction, traffic control, project safety, access to homes, etc.

Please contact any project representative below if you have questions or concerns.


What to Expect Next Week (August 17 – 22)


Projected Timeline