Here is an update on the progress since our update last week: Traffic was shifted over to the new concrete. The south lane has been milled and removed along with most of the old curb and gutter, and sidewalk. Driveways have been re-opened on temporary gravel to both the north and the south side of the road. Water main connections and stubs have been installed at VanderLinde, Addison and Blodgett. The light pole bases and electrical conduit on the north side are all installed. Construction of the new decorative wall near Ruddiman Creek has begun. While work is going on the north wall, traffic is routed onto the asphalt millings on the south side. When work is going on the south wall, traffic will remain on the concrete.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of August 19, 2019:

Work will take place tomorrow, Saturday, August 17.
Water services will be installed between Frisbee and Palmer to the new water main. A hydrant will be installed near the fire station. Water services will also be installed between Addison and McCracken with the work generally progressing from east to west. Other water main tie-ins will occur to side streets at Bourdon, Estes, Torrent, Mann and McCracken as well as large diameter connections at each end of the project later in the week.
Once all water services are installed and connections are made to the side streets, the old water main will be removed and the storm drains will installed. This work will not likely take place until the following week of August 26. Once that is completed, the new road will begin to take shape on the south side after Labor Day Weekend.
For water service connections, the disruption of service should only last about an hour. For water main tie-ins on the side streets, affected customers connected to the side streets may lose water for approximately 4 hours. If you do experience cloudy water, it is typically due to entrapped air in the water. Just let the water sit in a clear glass and within 5 minutes, you will see the water turn clear again. If it is discolored with red, please run your cold water until the water clears. The best way to do this is from a bath tub where there is no filter on the spigot. After your water service has been replaced, we recommend running your cold water for about 30 minutes from all fixtures starting from the basement and working your way up. Then turn off after flushing in the same order.

The contractor is working hard to get both directions of traffic open as soon as possible which is anticipated in Mid to late September. All construction is planned to be complete in November, 2019.