This week, the Contractor finished connecting all of the water services to the new water main. One more service will be installed to the old school building tomorrow (Saturday) and all water mains to all side streets have been connected. The old water main is not officially out of service. Storm sewer work was done in the Roberts intersection. Nearly all of the sidewalk and curb and gutter on the north side has been removed. The site will be cleaned tomorrow before leaving for the day. Access remains open to all driveways and side streets.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of August 20, 2018:

More sidewalk and curb removals on the north side of the street, particularly west of Roberts.
More storm sewer work will be completed and this work will likely occupy the crews most of the week.
If storm sewer work moves along well, the Contractor may begin removing the old road bed and begin grading so that the new gravel road base (which will be under the new asphalt) can be installed. We will be moving towards getting the new road bed installed, possibly before Labor Day. After that, it will be curb and gutter, new driveway approaches and new sidewalk.
New asphalt will be in late September.
All work is weather dependent.

With all of the new water main work complete, please let us know if you or your neighbors may be experiencing any discolored water. There may still be some air in the lines from all of the shut downs and new connections. Also, with the larger water mains in Broadway and new copper water services, there is a chance that the water distribution system is seeing some better flows and the general flow direction has been changed a few times. If you do experience rusty looking water, it is clean and safe to drink, but it is not recommended to do laundry in as it may stain delicate clothing or white clothing. Older homes may have steel pipes that may have some internal corrosion breaking free with the new copper water lines. Be sure to flush your water lines. The best place to flush is a bath tub that doesn’t have an aerator. Be sure to flush your Cold water for best results. Lastly, check all your plumbing. The most common weak point in a residential home is the smaller water lines that go to ice makers or fridges.