This Week:

  • B&L Excavation hit an underground electric line on Freska Pines which has temporarily halted water main construction there.
  • B&L Excavation moved over to Wateredge and completed water main construction on this road.
  • The existing road surface was milled off on Wateredge in preparation for repaving after water service installation is complete.
  • B&L Excavation and the Plainfield Water Department filled the new water main on Wateredge and began the testing process.
  • Private water service work continued on Squirewood.


Next Week:

  • B&L Excavation will complete installation of water service stubs toward each house on Wateredge pending passing test results over the weekend.
  • B&L Excavating is working on getting a vacuum truck on Freska Pines so that they can locate the underground electric line and complete the water main installation.
  • Private water service installations will continue as homeowners schedule the work with their contractor.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.