This Week:

  • Wyoming completed water main installation on Rapidfall Court.
  • Wyoming completed the water main tie-in to the existing water main at the north end of the project.
  • Wyoming pressure tested and disinfected the new water main on Rapidfall Drive and Rapidfall Court.
  • Wyoming installed some water services where able. The existing rocky soils are negatively impacting the accuracy of the missile that Wyoming is using to install services under the road. As a result, they plan to install the services with a horizontal directional drill next week to accurately navigate the rocky soils under the road.
  • Wyoming prepped boring pits for water service installation to take place next week.
  • Woodwater and Rapidfall were closed to thru traffic.

Next Week:

  • Wyoming will complete the final two water main tie-ins along Rapidfall Drive.
  • Wyoming will complete water service installation along Woodwater Drive.
  • Wyoming will begin water service installation along Rapidfall Drive. If you have not already placed your water service stake where you want your water service installed, you must do so as soon as possible.
  • Woodwater and Rapidfall will continue to be closed to thru traffic.
Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.