Work completed/in progress from the last update:

  • Transmission main installed up to River/Lakewood intersection.
  • Transmission main between east HDD pit to Holland Charter Township maintenance building was disinfected and passed BacT testing.
  • Approximately ½ of OCRC road reconstruct storm sewer completed between 144th and Aniline.
  • Initiated mobile groundwater treatment system.
  • Continued with Holland Township 16″ water main installation. Installation complete to just west of Elm Street.
  • Road resurfacing project leveled between 152nd and 144th. Top course placement complete between 160th and 152nd.

Anticipated activities for the upcoming week include:

  • Install dewatering wells in Lakewood/River intersection.
  • Pavement removals in Lakewood/River intersection and River.
  • Install transmission main in Lakewood/River intersection.
  • Continue Holland Township 16″ water main installation.
  • Connect HDPE drill pipe to 36″ transmission main at east HDD pit (tomorrow)
  • Install storm sewer between Aniline and Division for road reconstruct project.
  • Top remainder of road resurfacing project