Progress Update

Watermain installation continued this week. The watermain installation, which first started at Plaza Drive (the west end of the project), has now progressed to about 300 feet east of Sorter Ave. Approximately 2,100 feet of watermain has been installed to date, which is about 65 percent of the total 3,200 feet involved in the project.

In the area between Leeds Ave and Plaza Drive, conduits for water services crossing Napier Ave were installed by directional drilling this week. Three water services have been installed and connected.


Up Next

The crew are preparing the install watermain crossing Napier Ave in four locations. The Napier Ave watermain crossings will each be installed halfway across the road while the current traffic pattern in effect. Once the pavement has been patched and allowed to cure, traffic can be shifted onto the side of the road to allow the pipe crossings to be completed.