Progress Report

This week:
  • Wyoming Excavators completed water main installation along Van Dam Drive
  • Wyoming is working with the Plainfield Water Department on completing the disinfection testing procedures for the new water main along Belmont Avenue between Pixley Avenue and Van Dam Drive. Once the testing is completed, water service installation will continue along Belmont Avenue.
  • Wyoming began water main installation at the south end of Wildwood Creek Drive.
  • Wyoming installed a 48-inch diameter culvert extension in preparation for the Kent County Road Commission’s Belmont Avenue Reconstruction project which is planned for 2022 construction.
Next week:
  • Wyoming will continue water main installation along Wildwood Creek Drive. Please be patient with the crew as they work as quickly as possible to install the new water main and maintain access for residents behind the work area.
  • The White Pine Trail will be closed to trail users on Wednesday, September 1, between Wildwood Creek and Packer Drive.
  • Pending passing disinfection test, Wyoming will install water services along Belmont Avenue.

Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.


What to Expect

  • Water service construction along Belmont Avenue.
  • Water service construction along Van Dam Drive.
  • Water main construction along Wildwood Creek Drive.
Long Term
  • As soon as the water main in one area is complete, tested, and ready for water service connections, Plainfield Township will communicate with you to start the process of installing water services on private property.


Project Timeline

  • September
    • Water service construction on Belmont Avenue
  • September
    • Water main and water service construction on Van Dam Drive
  • September
    • Water main and water service construction on Wildwood Creek Drive
  • Mid-September – Mid-October
    • Water main and water service construction on Pixley Avenue


Estimated project completion date: October 9