This week, the contractor began connecting the new water main to the City’s existing water distribution system after all tests passed early in the week. Connections were made at Bailey, Getty, Continental, Austin, Valley and Madison. Water services on the south side of Broadway have been installed and/or replaced along with many water services between Madison and Austin on the north side.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of August 26, 2019

No work is planned for Saturday, August 24, 2019, but Saturday work may be an option to maintain the schedule in the future.
Any water service not replaced or installed yet will be completed. These should be done by Wednesday.
More system connections will be made at Huizenga, Brunswick and Vulcan for the new water main. These are tentatively scheduled to be done on or before next Thursday.
Work will likely be done early next Friday, August 30 heading into Labor Day weekend with site cleanup.
Looking ahead, if the water system work is not completed next week, it will be completed the week of Labor Day. Also that week, the old water main will be removed and the remaining drainage system will be installed and the remainder of the road may begin to be removed for the new road to begin to take shape.
Road construction with new curbs, driveway approaches and sidewalk will be done in the middle of September with paving and restoration at the end of September.
Please note that if/when there is an interruption to your water service (customers will be notified prior to planned outages), you may experience discolored water. Please run the cold water in your tub until the water is clear. If the water appears cloudy, it is typically due to tiny air bubbles that are trapped in the water. Just leave the water in a glass and it will clear up (the air will dissipate).

One lane remains on the north side for accessing homes and businesses on Broadway within the construction zone. Please remember to access homes south of Broadway from Summit and homes north of Broadway from Sherman.