This week, the Contractor finished all of the underground work within the Broadway Avenue roadway. There is still a little bit of drainage work to be done on the old Broadway alignment and a water main boring under the hill going up to US-31 to Stratford. However, the roadway can now start to be put back together. More sidewalk was removed. Staking was done for the proposed curb and the proposed roadway. Access remains open to all driveways and side streets.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of August 27, 2018:

The road crew will begin on Monday cutting down to what we call ‘sand grade’. This is where all soils will be removed for the placement of the gravel road bed so there is the proper depth of gravel.
The bore and jack of the water main to Stratford under the hill at the east end of the job will likely begin later next week.
The last bit of drainage on the old Broadway alignment will likely get done.
Some driveway approaches remaining to be removed may get removed for the new curb placement.
Gravel will likely begin getting delivered to the site later in the week.
The new roadway will begin to take shape with the preparation of curb installation after Labor Day Weekend