This Week:

  • Montgomery Excavating completed the water main installation along Rogue Lane. This new water main is being pressure tested and disinfected this week in preparation for water service stub installations at a later date.
  • Montgomery Excavating worked on cleanup and restoration along Rogue Lane.
  • Montgomery Excavating started water main construction at the end of Coventry Woods towards the end of this week.
  • Black Gold Paving completed paving work on Rogue Ridge and placed the first layer of asphalt along the Childsdale shoulder and Laurentian. The date Black Gold Paving will be back to complete the paving work along Childsdale and Laurentian is unknown at this time.


Next Week:

  • Montgomery Excavating will complete the water main installation along Rogue River (Pvt.).
  • After the water main has been installed it will be pressure tested and disinfected prior to water service stubs being installed toward each house.
  • Montgomery may begin installing water service stubs along Rogue Lane if they complete the water main installation along Rogue River (Pvt.).


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.