This Week:
  • K&R completed storm sewer replacement in Northville between Lakehurst and Leelanau and completed storm sewer replacement on Leelanau Drive.
  • K&R continued water main installation on Northville between Manitou and 5 Mile.
  • K&R began sanitary sewer replacement in Northville, north of Leelanau.
  • K&R prepped sidewalk for replacement on Leelanau and Northville between Lakehurst and Leelanau.
  • K&R pressure tested and disinfected the water main in Northville between Leelanau and Manitou.
  • Northville and Leelanau were closed to thru traffic.
Next Week:
Northville (Leelanau to 5 Mile)
  • K&R will complete water main installation from Manitou to 5 Mile and test this final section of new water main.
  • K&R will replace water services between Leelanau and Manitou.
  • K&R will continue sanitary sewer replacement.
Northville (Lakehurst to Leelanau)
  • K&R will pour new sidewalk.
  • K&R will pour new sidewalk.
  • K&R will work on rebuilding the road.


Northville and Leelanau will continue to be closed to thru traffic.

Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.