This Week

Team Elmer’s has been spreading topsoil along both sides of the trail from NMC down to the cove. They hope to complete restoration with the special native slope protection grass seed and mulch blanket to protect the slopes yet this week as well. The aggregate base has been placed and compacted for this section of trail.

At the City Park site on Lake Ridge between 14th Street and 16th Street, they also have cleared brush, grubbed out topsoil, and are spreading sand subbase in preparation for sidewalk.


Next Week

They plan to pour the concrete sidewalk in the City Park. They may also begin clearing on the north side of NMC for the pathway here. Depending on the availability/delivery time of the blocks for the retaining walls, they may also begin prepping these areas as well.


Coming Weeks

Elmer’s anticipates their next load of timber piles will be delivered sometime next week, and they plan to start setting these pile the week of Labor Day. Per recent discussions their carpenter crews, they intend to begin work on the fishing dock in this same time frame.