With the lucky 13th week of construction coming to an end, we have good news and bad news to share regarding the improvements to Sherman Boulevard.

  • First, the bad news: The work will not be complete before the previous project deadline of October 1, 2020. Due to some recently added work, the anticipated completion date of the project will now be Thanksgiving, 2020.
  • The good news: The leaders of the City of Muskegon Heights moved this past Monday at the City Council meeting to add more beautification elements to the project! This will include decorative brick crosswalks at the intersections of Sanford, Peck, Maffett, Baker, Leahy and Hoyt. Further, the Peck and Sherman intersection will be removed and replaced completely with concrete instead of asphalt. This should be an attractive addition to the Sherman Boulevard improvements! This is the added work that will extend the project completion date. A conceptual rendering of the work that was approved can be viewed here.


Here is an example of what the crosswalks will look like, although the color of the brick will likely be different.

This is the crosswalk at 36th Street and Division in the City of Wyoming an this has been in place for several years under very similar traffic conditions.


Work completed this week:

  • All sidewalk and sidewalk ramp grading work has been completed and is prepped for concrete replacement.
  • Gravel base under the sections of removed roadway has been completed between Glade and Baker.
  • 600 feet of new sidewalk has been placed.
  • Sidewalk ramps have been (or will be by the end of today) completed between Glade and 6th Streets.
  • Asphalt patch work has been completed at intersections between Glade and 7th Street.
  • Grading of the terrace lawns (area between the sidewalk and curb) has begun. The intent is to remove all of the vegetation overgrowing the sidewalks and planting new grass.
  • Work will continue tomorrow, Saturday, August 29 with the lowering of manhole covers and valve covers.


Work anticipated for the week of August 31:

  • Continue to place and compact road gravel in intersections where underground work was completed
  • Complete the remaining concrete work on sidewalks, driveways, ramps and curb and gutter
  • Continue asphalt patching areas
  • Continuing to lower manhole castings
  • Continued grading of the terrace lawns
  • Crews will not work next weekend (Labor Day weekend).


Work anticipated after Labor Day, September 7:

  • Begin pavement removals for the brick crosswalk installations
  • Ensuring the roadway is ready for milling which will probably take place right after Labor Day.  More detailed information should be available for milling operations in next week’s update.