Today, the Contractor completed all of the water main work on the project. The old water main is out of service now and the new water main is fully functional and tied in to all the side streets. All homes and businesses on Broadway are tied into the new water main. Removal of the old water main will begin to take place, but the remainder of today will be site clean up for the Labor Day Holiday Weekend.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of September 2:

No work is planned for Saturday–Monday. Work will resume the morning of Tuesday, September 3.
The old water main will be removed from the ground.
Storm drainage pipe and structures will be installed. The goal is to complete all of this installation by the end of the week. This will involve cutting sections of the lane remaining to install storm drainage structures on the north side of the road.
Road gravel may begin to be delivered to the site for placement in the south lane and preparations may begin for the new curb and gutter on the south side. However, with the amount of storm sewer pipe that needs to be installed and next week being a short week due to the Holiday, this will likely begin the week of September 12.
Road construction with new curbs, driveway approaches and sidewalk will be done in the mid to late September with paving and restoration at the end of September.
One lane remains on the north side for accessing homes and businesses on Broadway within the construction zone. Please remember to access homes south of Broadway from Summit and homes north of Broadway from Sherman. This lane will be closed several times during the work day next week for the storm installations. Please plan accordingly.