Here is a quick update on the work that is proceeding rather nicely so far on Mears Avenue in Whitehall.  Thank you for your patience as the contractor works to get this project done in a very timely manner. There are times each day when one of the intersections of Mears and Country Club, Sunset, Tulgeywood, or Pinecrest might be closed, but please know that one or more of the other intersections will be open at all times. The contractor is also working to make sure they are all open at the end of each work day to provide as much access as possible to the residents in the neighborhoods there.

The contractor is planning to work tomorrow, Saturday, August 5, 2023 in an effort to finish the last bit of water main installation in Mears near Benston.

Work Completed this Past Week

  • After tomorrow, all of the new water main pipe will be installed along the east side of Mears between Benston and south of Pinecrest
  • Storm sewer pipe was delivered to the site and preparations are made for storm drainage installation next week


Work Anticipated Week of August 7, 2023

  • The new water main will be tested (for leaks and contamination) before it is connected to the City’s system
  • If all tests pass, some water main connections will be made at the intersections or at the north and south end
  • Water service replacements may begin between the water main and homes
  • New storm drainage system will be installed from the south end and work to the north.  There will be new pipes flowing from Tulgeywood to the south and from Sunset to the north.  The drainage system is sized so that additional pipes can be installed in the future in Pinecrest, Tulgeywood, and Sunset.
  • Some sidewalk and curb ramps will be removed in the northern portion between Gibbs and Benston


Work Anticipated Week of August 14, 2023

  • Water main tie ins may continue
  • Water service replacements will continue to be done between the water main and the homes
  • Storm Sewer pipe and drainage structures will continue to be installed