Progress Update

Watermain installation continued this week. The watermain installation, which first started at Plaza Drive (the west end of the project), has now progressed to Downing Avenue. Approximately 1,400 feet of watermain has been installed to date, which is about 45 percent of the total 3,200 feet involved in the project.

This was another challenging week with underground utilities, including previously unknown water service lines discovered while digging, existing unmapped storm sewers, and a broken sewer line. These discoveries have not resulted in major changes to the project, but they have been limiting the pace of construction.

A first phase of the project, from Plaza Drive to Leeds Avenue, has been isolated for testing and disinfection. This first phase has passed the standard leakage testing and has been through flushing and disinfection process. Bacteriological testing to verify readiness to serve water to the public is underway.


Up Next

The first phase of the project will be ready for connecting water service lines as soon as the bacteriological testing has been completed with passing test results. This may happen by early next week.

Watermain installation will continue to the east along the south side of Napier Avenue until shortly beyond Sorter Avenue. The watermain will cross Napier approximately 300 feet past Sorter where the remaining distance to Pipestone will be on the north side of the road.