Week 10 of construction is about complete and it was a very productive week with the first steps of restoration of the road beginning on Sherman Boulevard.

Please remember that Sherman Boulevard is closed to thru traffic. Please use side streets to get to your home or business to reduce traffic on Sherman as much as possible for the safety of the construction workers. This is very important with the restoration that is taking place now on the road with concrete being poured. The traffic is being rerouted today to drive on the newly placed concrete which is lower than the asphalt surface. It will be ramped for cars, but vehicles will NEED to go SLOW through these work zones to prevent any damage to vehicles. Please drive carefully!


Work completed this past week:

  • Removal of a lot of old sidewalk, broken curb, abandoned driveways and continued clean up of the roadway cuts
  • To put that in perspective, roughly a HALF ACRE of asphalt surface was removed this week
  • Concrete base course was poured to match the existing concrete under the road on half of the project
  • About 600 feet of curb was placed in areas where old driveways are no longer used and where the curb was damaged near drainage structures
  • Underground utility work is complete with the exception of a few drainage structures


Work anticipated the week of August 10:

  • There will be no work on Sherman Boulevard tomorrow, August 8.
  • Continued pavement, curb, sidewalk, driveway and crosswalk removals
  • Grading the road base and placing concrete to match the existing underlying concrete
  • Pouring more concrete curb and gutter, sidewalks and sidewalk ramps
  • Replacing a few more drainage structures and adjusting others to be at the proper level for curb restoration


Work anticipated the week of August 17:

  • Concrete pavement restoration in the roadways
  • Concrete sidewalk and ramp restoration will continue
  • Continuing to adjust manhole and drainage structures to the final road elevation


We are still several weeks away from milling off the road surface in preparation for the new asphalt surface as there are a lot of areas that need to be restored in the roadway.