We are nearing the end of Phase One!

Here is what happened this week:

The cross walks were poured with dyed concrete and joints were cut into them. The pavement gaps at side streets and driveways have all been poured. Concrete curb and gutter has been poured near intersections. Areas have been prepared for asphalt to be placed tomorrow morning near the west end of Lakeshore, North side of McCracken, Mann, Torrent and Estes Streets. Driveways have been re-opened with temporary gravel. More light pole bases have been placed along with conduit for the underground electric to the light poles.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of August 12, 2019:

Work will take place tomorrow, Saturday, August 10, 2019 which will be asphalt paving for the areas noted above. The plan is to pave Estes and Mann before the other areas with the first layer of asphalt. Then McCracken and the end of Lakeshore. Torrent will be open for the Marina, but Mann will remain closed until the pavement is cooled. Then the top course of Mann will be placed followed by McCracken and the end of Lakeshore. Once Mann intersection is cooled enough to drive on, that intersection will be opened and Torrent will be closed. Then both layers of Torrent will be placed with a break between to allow for cooling.
Estes will not get a final course of asphalt at this time due to the heavy trucks going in and out still. Estes will get the final course of asphalt near the end of the entire project with the last bit of asphalt paving so the top course does not get damaged by construction activity.
Traffic will be shifted to the new concrete on Sunday, August 11, 2019
The traffic shift will remain a single westbound lane
The south half of the road will be removed starting on Monday, August 12
Side street and driveway access to the south may be temporarily interrupted while the milling machine is passing by. Please be patient.
Access to driveways will be restored with gravel after the milling machine passes
Curb and gutter will be removed on the south side.
For wall construction near Ruddiman Creek, the south lane of pavement will be pulverized in place and traffic may need to be shifted on to it to allow access for wall construction.
Once all the pavement is removed, water main tie-ins to the south side streets will begin along with water service connections to the new water main installed in Phase 1