We have arrived at the anticipated midpoint of the project!!  The road is completely reconstructed, retaining walls installed, fire hydrants replaced, storm sewer installation complete and it’s time to hit pause until spring!  Next spring will bring more amazing transformations of the project!


Construction Schedule


Winter Restoration

Milbocker will be on call to address any needs the road may have during the winter months until they return in the spring.


Private Driveway Plowing

Please make sure that all plowing operations do not plow snow across the public right-of-way.  Plowing snow across the street creates dangerous conditions and alternative solutions to snow storage must be sought.  If anyone has any questions regarding this prohibition, please contact me at the number below.


Traffic Control

The site is now closed for the winter months and most construction traffic control has been removed due to the inactivity.  However, there are some necessary construction barrels and signs that will need to remain.  They are protecting the traveling public from incomplete roadway infrastructure or grading changes.  Please be cautious and careful as you, family and visitors travel throughout the construction site.  If you witness any situations that we can improve on, please let me know.