It is looking as though this will be our last update on the project. This week, the contractors installed topsoil and back-filled areas disturbed.  Furniture was placed and anchored down. Permanent signage was installed and the last of the trees were planted.

Thank you very much for your patience through this important project for the infrastructure of the Lakeside District of Muskegon.

Here is what to expect next week of December 9, 2019. This work should be done with local lane closures in the immediate area of the work and should not require cones and barrels for the entire length of the job. However, safety of the workers is very important and lane closures may be necessary to keep the workers safe.  Please be careful driving through the work site still.


Work remaining that may not get completed next week is the cable and phone relocations for the old utility pole at Torrent with some flags of concrete at Torrent and Mann near the utility poles. This is intended to be complete this calendar year.

Work in the spring will include, but not be limited to: