We are approaching the midway point of the project and, because the weather has been conducive to the continuation of our road reconstruction project, we all couldn’t be any happier. We are very grateful that we are not in the opposite situation right now shoveling and plowing snow!


Construction Schedule


Winter Restoration

Milbocker is still touching up driveway grades and the road edges prior to freezing of the road bed.  This will continue until they exit the construction site for the winter around the 20th.  If there is anything of concern to any resident about the temporary winter restoration, please let one of the project members know as soon as possible.  If something needs to be addressed, Milbocker will need to get that taken care of before the hard frost hits.


Gas Main Work

The additional gas main work has wrapped up and Michigan Gas will only be back on an as-needed basis.  All conflicts with the gas have been solved and the infrastructure should be good for many decades.


Access, Busing, Emergency Services, Trash Collection and Mail Delivery

Access to essential services has continued to the residents along the project limits as planned.  No significant interruptions have been witnessed.  If a service has been interrupted, please let one of the project team members know.


Private Driveway Plowing

There has been an incident already with persons or private contractors plowing snow across the street and damaging the new retaining wall on the east side in the City of Grand Haven limits.  Please understand that plowing snow across a public street is strictly prohibited and any future damage will be the responsibility of the property owner or private contractor.  Plowing snow across the street creates dangerous conditions and alternative solutions to snow storage must be sought.  If anyone has any questions regarding this prohibition, please contact me at the number below.


Project Safety

The project has seen a couple minor incidents recently, however, they have been addressed so they don’t repeat themselves.  Please continue to be careful and cautious when traveling through the work site or walking along the roadway.  Continued awareness within the site by all is necessary.


Traffic Control

The project team has addressed need for traffic control at sites along the project with Milbocker.  There has been some instances that traffic control has been on the lighter side of the intended requirements.  Milbocker has promised to increase traffic flagging efforts for the duration of the project in an effort to provide a safer construction site for residents and motorists.  If you witness any situations that we can improve on, please let me know.