Work Completed This Week:

Gabe’s Construction mobilized and began site preparation for the horizontal directional drill (HDD).
The contractor placed SESC measures and traffic control items for the path, located existing underground utilities, and constructed the pad for the drill rig on Cutler Street.
The contractor began placing the sound attenuation fence along the east ROW of Cutler Street.
The HDD drill rig and mud recycling rig are onsite.
West Michigan Dirtworks had City Services install line stops on the Grand Haven side of the project, as well as live taps.
The contractor removed the parking lot of City Auto Body and completed installation of new force main on the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) site and City Auto Body site.

What to anticipate next week:

Gabe’s Construction will be completing the site preparation work and will be setting up the HDD rig and other equipment.
The contractor will begin stockpiling materials onsite or at the lay-down area.
The contractor will install 16” Wye on Beechtree Forcemain (north of Fulton) and test the existing 16” forcemain that was installed previously.
The contractor will also be installing soil erosion measures on the Spring Lake side of the project, and preparing for closure of Beechtree the following week.
Note: Road closure for Beechtree from Columbus to the north is scheduled for March 1st.
Detour shown below