This Week

Through the winter, construction operations on the project will be more hit or miss. However, this week, work continued on the bridge abutments and the boardwalk decking. More exciting news is that most of the railing parts have been delivered and are now on site, ready for nicer weather to install them! Elmer’s finished creating the sheet pile walls for the two bridge abutments in Medalie Park. Next week, they plan to shift over to Logan’s Landing and set the sheet piles for this abutment. As soon as weather is warm enough, they will pour the actual concrete abutments on the piles within these walls. When the concrete cures, they will be ready to set the bridges.

Next Week

Work will continue on the sheet piles abutment cofferdam at Logan’s Landing, and Spence Brothers will continue work on the boardwalk deck, as well as the stairs off of 16th Street.