This Week

Happy New Year! Elmer’s is making good progress working in the winter setting piles. Almost all the piles are now set, with just a few to go on the north end of the cove in Boardman Lake. In addition, crews finished placing the piles for the bridge abutments for both bridges. Which brings us to the exciting news that both bridges have been delivered to the site! They are setting at Medalie Park until Elmer’s completes the abutments, which they are working on now.

Carpenter crews from Spence Brothers are making great progress on the boardwalk decking, and this week started work on the stairs from the City property down to the kayak / fishing platform off of Lake Ridge Drive.


Next Week

We anticipate that they could be done with the piles for the boardwalk next week. Then work will progress through the winter to complete the deck and also the stairs. Next week Elmer’s plans to start working building the bridge abutments on the new piles, with sheet piling and concrete. Elmer’s estimates it will take them about a month to finish the steel sheeting, and depending on the weather, pour the actual concrete that the bridges will set on.