It has been a few weeks since the last update. Work on the site was a little slower over the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays, but some exciting progress was made. All water main work is completely done and the south half of the plaza is starting to take shape. Finish concrete sidewalk is starting to be constructed along the Spindrift building and some of the new columns and seat walls are now poking out of the ground. The focus over the next few weeks will be on the concrete sidewalk and walls on the south side of the plaza.


Work Completed Since Last Update (December 21 – January 8)

  • Final water main tie-in and completion of all water services.
  • Columns and some seat walls were poured along the west side of the plaza.
  • The first portion of finish walk ways was poured as well as forming of some of the scallop shapes along Spindrift.
  • The restroom building is enclosed now with temporary heat so work can continue on the building interior.


Anticipated Work Next Week (Weather dependent)

  • The scallop ribbons will be poured along the Spindrift Building.
  • Decorative concrete scallops will be poured inside the ribbons along Spindrift later in the week.
  • Site electrical and building electrical will be ongoing throughout the week.
  • Interior block walls may begin inside the restroom later in the week.