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Last Week:
  • K&R installed new copper water services from the new water main and connected to existing water services at the right-of-way line on Northville Drive between Lakehurst and Leelanau.
  • Northville Drive was closed to thru traffic between Lakehurst and Leelanau.


Next Week:
  • K&R will complete the new water service installations between Lakehurst and Leelanau.
  • K&R will connect the new water main to the existing water main on Northville at Lakehurst on July 5. If you are in the affected area of the shutdown, you would have received a notification (door hanger) from the Township Water Department this week.
  • K&R will begin water main installation on Leelanau Drive between Northville and Manitou.
  • K&R will continue sanitary sewer installation in Northville Drive at Lakehurst and work east down Northville.
  • Northville Drive will continue to be closed to thru traffic between Lakehurst Drive and Leelanau Drive.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.