Last Week:

  • Schippers installed water services along Herrington Avenue.
  • Schippers pressure tested the 16-inch water main at the north end of Herrington Avenue and along 10 Mile Road, west of Herrington Avenue. This section of water main will be disinfected today (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday) so that water services can be installed.
  • Schippers located a leak on the 12-inch water main between Herrington Avenue and Algoma Avenue and repaired it.
  • Schippers is looking for another leak on the 12-inch water main today and plans to repair it today or next Tuesday.


Next Week:

  • Schippers will continue water service installation along Herrington Avenue and begin water service installation on 10 Mile Road pending passing disinfection testing over the weekend.
  • Schippers will begin 8-inch water main construction on Brent Road.
  • Schippers will pressure test and disinfect the 12-inch water main along 10 Mile Road between Herrington Avenue and Algoma Avenue.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.