Last Week:

  • Integrity Tree continued tree removal activities.
  • Montgomery Excavating completed 8-inch water main along Green Timbers Drive on Monday morning.
  • Montgomery Excavating continued installing 12-inch water main along Jewell Avenue the rest of this week.
  • Montgomery Excavating has been completing lawn restoration as the water main is installed. It is important that you water the new grass seed to promote good growth after the area has been seeded.
  • Jewell Avenue was closed to thru traffic.


Next Week:

  • Montgomery Excavating will continue installing 12-inch water main along Jewell Avenue.
  • Montgomery Excavating will begin filling the first section of water main, pressure test it, and disinfect the new pipe in preparation for water services to be installed.
  • Integrity Tree will wrap up tree clearing along 11 Mile Road.
  • Jewell Avenue will be closed to thru traffic.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.