Work completed:

  • Mobilized to the site.
  • Removed sidewalk and stumps.
  • Started construction of the retaining wall for the new path.


Anticipated work for next week:

  • Removal of the road surface will begin on Wednesday. This will be completed with a mill. The road gravel under the road will remain for use to access residences.
  • Work on the wall will continue.
  • Road grading and placement of new aggregate may begin near the end of the week. Contractor intends to start road work at 174th and work towards the north end of the project.


Items to note:

  • As the road work begins, access to residences may have interruptions at times or access routes may need to change based on where the contractor is working. Please be aware and the contractor will attempt to notify residents of any impacts to access.
  • Reminder that this is a construction zone and, as the road work begins, be aware of heavy equipment and trucks moving around the site. Large equipment can have large blind spots and make sure equipment operators know where you are when in the roadway.