Dykema continued installing water services on Herrington Avenue this week and continued to pressure test and disinfect more sections of water main. Water service installation is complete to around Rolling Meadow Drive and Dykema is testing the last section of water main on the north end of Herrington Avenue so water service installation can continue.

Dykema has started to spread topsoil along Chandler Drive north of Shining Tree Drive. Once a decent portion of topsoil has been spread, Dykema will come back and spread seed, fertilizer, and mulch to finish the lawn restoration.

Water service quotation forms have been received for about 85% of the houses along Chandler and Herrington. If residents have not yet talked to a contractor about installing their private water service, they should do so ASAP in order to meet the 60-day connection requirement. A total of three (3) houses were connected to the municipal water system this week (see project map above).


What to Expect Next Week (July 13 – 17)

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