As of July 9, 25 houses (35% of the neighborhood) have connected to the municipal water system.

Quotation forms have been received for 64 houses (90% of the neighborhood). If residents have not yet made arrangements with a contractor to complete the private water service work, they must do so soon. There is only about 3 weeks left to meet the 60-day requirement for getting water services connected.

Bultsma Excavating will complete the sprinkling repairs next week. Bultsma Excavating also has concrete crews scheduled to finish up the remaining concrete work next week.

Final lawn restoration is scheduled to be completed end of next week, including seeding, fertilizing, and mulching. Once the new seed is down, please try to water your new lawn at least once a day to promote growth.

The final layer of asphalt in the water main trenches will not be placed until most of the private water service work has been completed. This work has been delayed to coordinate with a larger paving project in the neighborhood.


What to Expect Next Week (July 13-17)

Projected Timeline