The 16-inch diameter water main installation continued this week and was nearly completed to the east end of the project. Only one more section of pipe needs to be installed. Pipe was installed from the Valk intersection to the south to the old Broadway right of way beyond Address #1520. The remaining road surface of Broadway was swept and cleaned today. Driveways and intersections remain accessible.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of July 16, 2018:

Main line water main installation will likely be completed on Monday at the east end of the project.
Crews will then go and install new water main from Broadway to roughly 50’-60’ south of the water main on each street.
The remaining pavement will be removed next Tuesday, July 17, ground up and left in place for a driving surface.
Once crews are done with each southern water main leg, they will focus on each northern street, again installing about 50-60’ of water main at each street.
Hydrant branches and hydrants may be installed.
Once all the water main is installed, it will need to be pressure tested and then samples taken of the water inside it to make sure it is safe to connect it to the existing drinking water system. This testing work takes several days and will likely take place the week of July 23.
North side mailboxes will likely be removed and relocated to a central location. We are working that out with the US Post office and will let you know next week when and where they will be relocated to.
Some storm sewer work may begin next week as well near the west end of the project.