Here is a brief update for the improvements to Glenside Boulevard between Broadway Avenue (Garrison) and Sherman Boulevard. Construction activity heated up this past week and we will continue through Labor Day on this key project for the City of Roosevelt Park.

Work Completed this Past Week:

  • Detour signs were installed – many signs will be post driven into the ground soon if not done already to prevent them from blowing over.
  • The road was closed to all traffic.
  • Roadway pavement was removed.
  • Some underground utilities were removed that were no longer in service (from old industries).
  • Dewatering (temporary lowering of water table) was set up for underground utility construction next week.
  • Equipment and Materials were delivered to the site.


Work Anticipated Week of July 17, 2023:

  • Storm sewer piping will be installed including new pipe and drainage structures.
  • Additional removals may take place.


Work Anticipated Week of July 24, 2023:

  • Storm drainage piping and structures will continue to be placed, likely a large excavation for putting the storm sewer under the railroad crossing.