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This Week:

  • Brenner Excavating had dewatering equipment installed early in the week and will have the water main work completed later today at the Freska Lake Drain crossing.
  • Brenner Excavating continued to work with the Township Water Department this week on disinfecting the new water main. They have had some trouble getting the tests to pass which has delayed water service installation.
  • Some copper water services were installed across 10 Mile Road this week. The connection to the water main will take place after passing disinfection tests are obtained.


Next Week:

  • Brenner Excavating will continue water service stub installation between Pine Island Drive and the Freska Lake Drain pending passing test results.
  • Brenner Excavating will install a new culvert across 10 Mile Road at the Freska Lake Drian crossing as part of the road reconstruction. This will impact local thru traffic for the first half of next week at the drain crossing.
  • The road work progress has slowed down but will start back up again in earnest after the new culvert has been installed at the drain crossing.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.