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As noted in the last project update, our crews enjoyed the long holiday weekend and were back to work on July 5th.

In the past week and a half, subcontractor 28 Specialties has completed the retaining walls on Airway Street and moved their equipment over to Jericho Avenue to begin the large block retaining walls. Al’s Excavating will complete the final earthwork and restoration on top of and adjacent to the walls on Airway when they arrive next week. The Airway Street pathway project is now ready for the pathway earthwork to begin!

The contractors will be onsite next week to begin removing the existing sidewalk, soils, and grass in preparation for the pathway gravel base and pavement. They will be starting at Hunsberger and working east. Al’s Excavating will contact each property owner one day ahead of their driveway removals to coordinate with each property. There will be no driveway removals next week.

The earthwork and pathway preparation process along Airway will move quickly and can be expected to take a couple of weeks. In the meantime, 28 Specialties will continue to construct the large block retaining walls along Jericho Avenue. Please continue to be mindful of our construction crews and your speed now that they are back working on Jericho after a brief break.

This week, our media team was able to capture images from the construction progress!