Work that took place this week:

The Contractor completed the removals of the old water main and finished installing the last pieces of storm sewer and a few water services for the future irrigation system for the new street trees planned. Conduit is being installed for that irrigation system on the north side of the road as well as conduit for the new lighting. The new road bed has been cut out and gravel base material is being placed from McCracken to Addison and being shaped.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of July 22, 2019:

*There will be some major disruptions to access to north side properties over the next week!*

Work will take place tomorrow, Saturday, July 20
The gravel road base will be compacted and shaped for paving. String lines will be placed for setting the proper height of the new concrete roadway
TUESDAY, JULY 23 – Concrete is planned to be installed for the north half of the road. The concrete will be installed from Laketon and go towards McCracken. It will take 2–3 days to complete the north half of the roadway.
There will be gaps in the new concrete for the crosswalks which will be poured later with a different color (dark grey)
Gaps in the concrete will be made to maintain access to the following road intersections to maintain traffic which means half of the intersection will be poured or in the case of a business with multiple driveways, only one will be accessible:
Lakeshore near Laketon
Estes for the Ferry Traffic and RCP – Truck traffic to the gravel dock will be halted once paving begins until the following week.
Roy’s Dentist office
Lakeside Emporium
Auto Repair Shops
Mann for Great Lakes Marina
McCracken for Boat Launch and the Bait Shop
*All other driveways and Torrent will NOT have access for at least 3 days after pouring to allow for the concrete to cure*

Paving plans to be to Estes by the end of day Tuesday. If you live east of Estes, please have vehicles out of your driveway Monday night.
If you live west of Estes, please have vehicles out of your driveway Tuesday night.
You will be able to walk on the new concrete within a few hours of the pavement being poured, but you will NOT BE ABLE TO DRIVE on or over the new concrete until it is cured fully. This typically takes a MINIMUM of 3 days. Please do not remove barricades from driveways. We will remove them as soon as possible. The same will take place when the concrete driveway approach is poured which will likely be the week of July 29, but you will be able to park on the new concrete in front of your home/business at that time.
Parking on side streets is allowed, but please be patient and respectful of the workers and your neighbors! Use parking lots that are left open.
The paving operation is a multistep process because of the different colored crosswalks, the maintenance of access to roads and businesses, and to allow for the concrete to cure properly. If concrete is not allowed to cure properly before loading is introduced, it could fail prematurely. This project is designed to last 30 years or more. Once paving is done from Laketon to McCracken, it will start again with curb installation and filling in the gaps for the crosswalks and the intersections/driveways.
Please remember that all work is weather dependent. If the weather does not cooperate next week, there will be delays in the dates mentioned above.

Schedule Update from last week: The traffic shift to the new pavement poured next week will take place in the middle of August and the second phase is expected to last until after Labor Day when both lanes of traffic will be reopened. All construction is planned to be complete by early November, 2019.