Progress Update

With the first full week of construction work behind us, the installation of the new water main is about 55% complete.

The water main installation started at the north of the project (Napier Avenue) and has progressed to approximately 150 feet south of Elmside Road. It was a challenging week with heavy rainfall last weekend—several sanitary sewer laterals had to be lowered, a previously unmapped buried fiber optic cable was encountered, and a natural gas service line was damaged and subsequently repaired.

Overall, the project is a few days behind schedule, but we remain optimistic for prompt completion on the original project schedule.


Up Next

During the next week, the rest of the water main should be installed. Following the completion of the water main installation, the new line will undergo a series of steps for flushing, disinfection, and bacteriological testing before placing it into service as part of the public water system.