Great news!  Phase 1 of the Peck Street Project (Southern Ave to Merrill Ave) is open to traffic! Here’s what progress happened this week and what’s to come next week:


Work Completed This Week

  • The top course of asphalt was paved on Phase 1 on Thursday and Friday morning on Phase 1
  • Temporary pavement markings were installed on Phase 1 in order to open the roadway to traffic.
  • Water services continued to be replaced on Phase 2.
  • Miscellaneous concrete improvements were completed on Phase 1.
  • The top soil on phase 1 was spread and was hydroseeded today (Friday).


Anticipated Work Next Week

  • Continue replacing water services on Phase 2.
  • Install permanent pavement markings on Phase 1 (PK Contracting)
  • Potentially complete more water main tie-ins at the intersections of Phase 2.
  • Continue installing storm sewer catch basin leads on Phase 2.


Kamminga & Roodvoets is not planning to work tomorrow, July 3. Work will resume on Tuesday, July 6.  Have a great holiday weekend!