This past week, the main line water main was completed on Monday and the branches to the south were installed on each of the four southern side streets. Hydrant branches and hydrants were installed. The northern half of the roadway was milled off, but access to driveways and side streets have been left open and accessible.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of July 23, 2018:

Water main branches will be installed for the northern 4 streets
Remaining hydrants will be installed.
If all water main pipe is installed, the new pipe will be filled and pressure tested.
The new water main pipe will also be disinfected and then samples taken to ensure the new pipe is clean and sanitary before connecting it to the existing water system. These connections to the existing system will involve water disruptions, but we do not anticipate this until the week of July 30. If things move along faster than anticipated, we will send out more notices for any disruptions a day in advance as well as provide door hangers or knock on doors for notifications.
Once one side of the water main is connected, individual water services will be replaced. Again, advance notice will take place and we don’t anticipate this work until the week of July 30. Water service would be disrupted for about 30 minutes for each home or business while the water service is replaced.
Storm sewer structures and pipe may begin to be installed near the end of the week and will this work may carry over into the week of July 30.