This Week:

  • Montgomery Excavating completed the water main installation in Rogue Ridge and Laurentian. This marks the completion of the major impact to access on the private roads. Future impacts will be for shorter durations of time and Montgomery will inform residents of any future impacts to access.
  • Montgomery Excavating began water main construction along 10 Mile Road.


Next Week:

  • Trees will be cleared along Childsdale Avenue and in the easement between Coventry Woods and Rogue River Road (Pvt.) as necessary to install the water main.
  • Montgomery Excavating will finish installing the water main along 10 Mile Road and Childsdale Avenue.
  • Once the water main installation is complete, the new pipe will be filled with water and pressure tested to confirm there are no leaks and it will be disinfected prior to water service stub installation taking place.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.