Work Completed This Past Week

  • Soil was stripped in the roadway area was cut down to the appropriate level to allow for the proper thickness of gravel road base
  • Excess soil was stockpiled and hauled off site
  • Site was shaped, rolled and compacted.  Density tests were taken to ensure it was compacted properly.
  • New gravel road base material was delivered, spread, shaped and compacted for the new road
  • Areas for concrete curb and gutter were surveyed and prepared
  • Driveways were located for replacement


Work Anticipated Week of July 24, 2023

  • Concrete curb and gutter will be installed in the next week. Please watch for notices as this will block the driveway access from Leahy for many days.  The curb and gutter process will take a couple of days to install and 3 days to cure before vehicles can drive on it.  The same for driveway approaches which will be installed after the curb and gutter.  Please do not park on Leahy, but off of the alley, on Hovey, Hume or Barney.


Work Anticipated Week of July 31, 2023

  • Additional concrete work with sidewalks, sidewalk ramps, driveway approaches and other concrete areas
  • Preparation for the first course of asphalt may begin, although more likely the week of August 7 or 14.


We are still anticipating to be complete with the project before Labor Day Weekend.