DeSal finished installing the public portion of all the water services this week. They also made the final connection to the new water main crossing at US-131, which was previously installed by Dykema Excavators on the Herrington-Chandler project. This marks the completion of all water main and water service stub installation for the project.

This week, DeSal focused on completing restoration work on the west half of the project – from Pine Island Drive to Imperial Pine Drive. This was done to ensure that DeSal completed their contract obligations prior to the Kent County Road Commission’s contractor beginning the roadway improvement project in a few weeks.

DeSal will leave House Street for a few weeks and then return later in August to finish restoration on the east half the project. At that point, they also will install water main along Imperial Pine Drive.

Two homes have now connected to the municipal water system (see project map above). Water service quotation forms have been received for 76% of the houses along House Street. If residents have not yet made arrangements with a contractor to complete the private water service work, they must do so as soon as possible in order to meet the 60-day connection requirement.


Road Work Update


What to Expect Next Week (July 27 – August 1)

There will be minimal activity on site until the Road Commission contractor arrives to commence road reconstruction work and until DeSal returns to do restoration, driveways, and Imperial Pine water main.


Projected Timeline