As of July 22, 49 houses (69% of the neighborhood) have connected to the municipal water system.

Quotation forms have been received for 67 houses (94% of the neighborhood). If residents have not yet made arrangements with a contractor to complete the private water service work, they must do so as soon as possible. There is only one (1) week left to meet the 60-day requirement for getting water services connected.

Bultsma Excavating completed the sprinkling system repairs this week. If you have an issue with your sprinkler system after the repairs have been made, please let us know right away and we will have Bultsma address it.

Final lawn restoration has been completed. We understand there are multiple issues with washouts, weeds, and topsoil and seed being disturbed because of sprinkler repairs. We are working with Bultsma to address these issues.


What to Expect Next Week (July 27 – 1)


Projected Timeline